Hostel Rules And Regulations

The following rules shall apply to both MALE and FEMALE students residing in hostels. Violation of any rules will make the student liable to disciplinary
action including expulsion from the Hostels and also from the Institution.

1. Students shall abide the decisions of the hostel warden with respect to enforce of the hostel rules. Failure to do so, will result in strict disciplinary action.

2. Students are responsible for keeping their rooms, doors and windows neat, clean and tidy.

3. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverage, drugs, tobacco, are not allowed. Any students found consuming such thing or in a drunken state in the hostel will render himself/herself liable for strict disciplinary action, including expulsion from hostel/institute. No enquiry into the matter shall be required.

4. Smoking is not allowed in the hostel room or hostel premises at all times.

5. No gambling of any kind whatsoever shall be allowed on the premises of the hostel. Any violation of this rule will invite action as per law of the land, in addition to expulsion from the hostel.

6. Possession of weapon(s) or any items considered dangerous which can be used to cause injuries/bodily harm is not allowed in the hostel premises.

7. Students are not allowed to use any of the facilities such as swimming pool, gym, etc. in the hostel premises.

8. Students should not keep any unauthorized property and/or unauthorized personnel in his/her room. Any hostel student harboring any unauthorized personnel will be expelled from the hostel immediately.

9. Visitors of the opposite sex, including parents, family members, relative, friends and/or anyone staying inside / outside the hostel are strictly not allowed to enter the student’s room at any times.

10. Student who return after curfew (11 p.m.) for unwanted reasons will have their particulars taken by the warden for record purpose and the management will call the respective students for an explanation. The result of the discussion will be informed to their respective parents/guardians. Students who exceed curfew thrice will be penalized through cancellation of stay in the hostel and non – refundable deposit fee. Permission should be granted by the chief warden if students provide relevant reasons to return to their hometown or be away from the hostel.

11. Students are responsible for the safekeeping of their valuables. Students should provide their own locks and should take proper care of their belongings. The management is not responsible for any loss, stolen or damaged personal belongings in the hostel.

12. Students should vacate the hostel during long/semester break. If they have to leave any belongings in the hostel during this period, they should leave it at their own risk.

13. Any damages / loss of hostel property must be reported immediately to the hostel management / warden. Students will be charge for any missing / damage property.

14. Hostel utility bills (WATER BILL & TNB) should be paid by students. If any students fail to make payment for two (2) months, they will be evicted. Paid receipts must be submitted to the hostel management every month without fail.

15. Entrance door and room door must always be closed and locked after entering/leaving the unit/room.

16. The hostel management / warden reserves the right to make spot checks on the hostel units and the bedrooms without having to give prior notice to the students.

17. Any case of illness or accident must be reported immediately to the hostel authorities / warden.

18. In case of emergency, students should inform his/her parents / guardian. Parents / guardian are required to inform person in charge with regard. Medical fees should be paid by the students. Warden will not be responsible for any fees.

19. Parties or other social gatherings in the hostel premises are not permitted without the consent of the chief warden.

20. Students suffering from any contagious diseases will not be allowed to stay at the hostel. Decision of the Hostel Management in this regard will be final and binding.

21. All matters relating to difference among students and complaints against theft shall be brought to the notice of the Hostel Management. No police complaint will be lodged by the students before being permitted by the hostel management.

22. Any complaint from the neighbours / society will result in strict action.

23. The Hostel Management reserves the right to move any students to another hostel unit / room if there is a necessity.

24. Student indulging in use of abusive and threatening language, physical fights, use of force, etc. will be punished. Furthermore, they are liable to be expelled from the hostel.

25. Playing music / records player etc. loud enough to cause disturbance to his/her neighbours is prohibited. Offenders will be punished. Repeated acts will render cancellation of allotment of hostel room.

26. Parking facility is NOT available.

27. The use of motor vehicles such as car, motorcycle, etc. by students is strictly prohibited inside the hostel premises.

28. Students are expected to pay for the costs involved in cleaning, repairing or re-painting of their unit/room if it is not maintained in the conditions it was previously. However, if the offender causing damage cannot be identified, the cost of repairing will be distributed equally amongst all the student of the same unit.

29. Students are prohibited from climbing over the fence or wall to get in or out of the hostel complex. They must use the designated entrance and exits,

30. If there are any damages/loss of keys, students should immediately report to the hostel management. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary action. RM35.00will be charged as processing fee.

31. Moving hostel furniture is a serious offence.

32. Students should refrain from bringing and/or keep any pets in the premises.

33. If students wish to have a part-timer job, a written consent from parents/guardian and an acceptance letter from workplace are required.

34. The hostel is free for two (2) years, however if students withdraw before they complete their studies, the operation management will impose a rental fee of RM200 for every month that students have stayed in the hostel.

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